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General64 / Shasta7

Generals64 and Shasta7 MIG Chat…..Morning 3-27-2012 view. In turn, he too needs to understand that others may or may not agree with him…..we are ALL in this together & need to remember that!!! Hope that helped!!! [joyjoyjoyjoy] shasta7 cool!! Could you give me a brief synopsis now? [shasta7] joyjoyjoyjoy, Lojack6T We are there & only … Continue reading »

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General64 (call)

Just Just In! Generals64 “Has Shabs Called It”? 4:59 PM [generals64] I just got a call that Shabibi has announced the Revaluation (we’ll see). No rate with the announcement but it will be released as soon as the US releases it….It is sitting on the Screens in Europe and they too are waiting for it … Continue reading »

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